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Shayla Gibbs is off to the US on September 21. The 14-year-old has had continued success with singing, dancing and modelling. Many say she’s a triple threat. While she’s not at the point of having to decide which path she takes, the Lurnea teen is off to America to showcase her talent to industry professionals.

She’s purchased her own flight and is travelling with a small group from JMA Entertainment in Parramatta. Mum Linda Sheath said because more opportunities had opened up, she was expected to go on the trip too.

“There are people that work with Miley Cyrus, the Kardashians and Jess McCartney that are going to be there,” Ms Sheath said. Shayla has more than 11,000 Instagram followers and is the face of the 2016 World Supremacy Battlegrounds. She’s modelled for Uncle Tobys, Tourism NSW, Mounties Group and Watermark.

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